Dear X-Files Fanfic Community,

Due to circumstances outside my control, Ephemeral was cruely wiped from the Internet. Our hosting provider, with no warning to me, disappeared from the web, most probably going out of business. This left me unable to access Ephemeral's server, which most likely no longer exists.

Worse, due to a computer crash a few months ago, I lost the backup of Ephemeral's code and so have no way to recover the site.

I've maintained Ephemeral as a side project and passion since 1999, nearly 20 years. While most of the site was automated, it still took a kick here and a nudge there to keep her up.

And I don't plan to stop now.

I plan to rewrite Ephemeral using everything I've learned in my career to bring her back on a stronger footing than the duct tape and bailing wire that the old site was. My plan is to get the site back up taking registrations and accepting stories as soon as possible, including a "Bring back the Fics" day after launch where I hope all the authors out there can barnstorm the new site and get fiction back online where all of us readers may enjoy it.

After that, I'll begin adding a few new features you won't have seen before to try and make this a better site than it ever has been.

One thing I won't bring back, however, is the Usenet auto archive feature that Ephemeral was founded on. While incredibly useful in the beginning, posts to a.t.x.c just aren't common any more. Direct posts will be the first supported, and I'd love to work with other fic sites to cross polinate as they see fit.

I want to thank all of the authors and readers who have rode Ephemeral's adventure from beginning to end, and I hope you all forgive this bump in the road.

E pur si muove,

   Scott Miller

Update: Thank you everyone for your patience, I've had very little free time these months to work on the site, but it's very close. Expect an (early?) Christmas present.